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Jia Lite Product Service Terms


All product quality to meet or exceed ANNI U.S. standards, DIN German standard and GB Chinese national standards.


You buy products within the warranty period, in the normal course of quality problems caused by the product itself is not the normal use of the product can cause Jiateli nearest tool distribution company in the country to produce the appropriate authorized dealer to purchase vouchers, free repair until replacement .


The following is a Product warranty period

1, the sleeve, the sleeve extension bar, Mui wrench, double open wrench, wrenches and other tools Mui products enjoy a lifetime warranty.

2, with the exception of the annotated catalog of consumables, the group sets internal medial electric pen, scissors, flashlights are consumables.

3, all the rest are aftermarket products warranty period of six months, which paid ratchet wrench head parts replaced.


Non-free repair or replacement of range

1, the non- Products.

2, can not be used due to natural wear and tear caused by the product after use.

3, the product appeared rusty after use, plating layer off the surface scratches, plastic handle breakage does not affect farmers use function.

4, caused by abnormal use of the product is damaged, the product is not working, beyond the range of products through mechanical processing, self-tuning parts, accessories missing, such as missing.

5, product packaging, stand, stickers and accessories.

The final interpretation of the provisions of Hangzhou Jiateli Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. All

The terms set by the range of the various regions of the country

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Add:YueLian industrial park,JinHua Town,xiaoshan,hangzhou,zhejiang
Tel:86-571-83698856(Socket Set)      86-571-83697988(Magnetic Nut Driver)